Monday, 27 April 2009

...I guess I'll start here!

Here is my tactical squad sargeant with hopefully a squad painted with him soon, Assault squad 1 wip and assault squad 2 which is almost finished.

First two rhinos have been ordered so more to come soon.
more to come.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Where to begin...

Hi I'm Callum, I've played 40k for about 4 years and started with the Blood Angels. I've been out for about a year and a half with other armies and slowly bring myself back to them. So to start off with is my 15oo point army list:

Dante 200

Corbulo 100

Assault squad (5) w/powerfist/rhino w/extra armour 180

Assault squad (5) w/power weapon/melta bombs/rhino 160

Tactical squad (10) w/flamer/plasmacannon/power weapon 240
Rhino w/storm bolter 45

Death Company (4) 30
Rhino w/extra armour 55

Baal predator w/heavy bolters/storm bolter 135

Predator w/twin-linked lascannon/heavy bolters 130

Vindicator 125

Attack bikes w/multimelta 50

Attack bikes w/multimelta 50

1500 points