Monday, 10 May 2010

Captain Leonatos (aka. Gabriel Seth)

Captain Leonatos has to be one of my favourate characters in the 40k universe and I've been planning a coversion of him for awhile now. I resently picked up a Gabriel Seth model to make Castigon, Captain of the 4th company. But decided to use other bits for that so as I'm not planning on making Flesh Tearers but want to use the model my eyes caught my copy of the Bloodquest graphic novel. Then while looking at Seth's rules I thought they best suited Leonatos making it possible to field him as something more than a captain.

So far I've just green stuffed on his hair and filed off the flesh tearers icons ready for blood angels one. I've also added his personal heraldry of the winged skull onto his shoulder and plan to green stuff more detail soon.

The new Baal predator

With the new codex out I had to try some new toys. I already own two baals with ass cannon/heavy bolters so wanted to use the flamer loadout. I've played it in a couple of games now and it works well if used right, sadly I didn't First game I flamered four marines instead of a larger squad because I was excited to see the dreadnought's blood talons at work. The fist sergeant survived, ran away which I could keep up and then went on to punch the predator. He didn't destroy it but kept stunning it so I could even move the thing. The second game I managed to kill a load of gaunts just to watch it become reckage by Zoanthropes. Ultimatly I really like it but I need a few more games to get used to using it correctly to cause the most damage.