Saturday, 31 October 2009

Must have unit?

This is my collaborative post for FTW on my must have unit/s in my army. I say units because for my Blood Angels army I always have two Baal predators. This is because of the sheer scare factor of two twin-linked assault cannons. Combining this with a 50% chance of getting over-charged engines means Baal preds can take the role of a moving pill box with mass horde killing potentual. They also serves a duel role of being able to knock out light armour when needed and with front armour 13 can soak up a lot fire freeing my other units.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'm back!

Been away for some time but it is time for the angels to rise again. To start off I'm re-writing my list and making sure it is all painted (pictures to come). Here is my list:

Lemartes 125

Death Company (4) w/jump packs 80

Tactical squad (10) w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher 240
Rhino 40

Tactical squad (10) w/power weapon/flamer/missile launcher 225
Rhino 40

Baal predator w/heavy bolters 125
Baal predator w/heavy bolters 125

1000 points

The idea behind this army is speed and fire power, the baal predators lay down heavy fire while the rhinos provided a shield wall for the death company. The tactical squads get within 12" of their target and shoot it to peaces as well as provided a counter charge element. Time to test this list out.