Monday, 10 May 2010

Captain Leonatos (aka. Gabriel Seth)

Captain Leonatos has to be one of my favourate characters in the 40k universe and I've been planning a coversion of him for awhile now. I resently picked up a Gabriel Seth model to make Castigon, Captain of the 4th company. But decided to use other bits for that so as I'm not planning on making Flesh Tearers but want to use the model my eyes caught my copy of the Bloodquest graphic novel. Then while looking at Seth's rules I thought they best suited Leonatos making it possible to field him as something more than a captain.

So far I've just green stuffed on his hair and filed off the flesh tearers icons ready for blood angels one. I've also added his personal heraldry of the winged skull onto his shoulder and plan to green stuff more detail soon.

The new Baal predator

With the new codex out I had to try some new toys. I already own two baals with ass cannon/heavy bolters so wanted to use the flamer loadout. I've played it in a couple of games now and it works well if used right, sadly I didn't First game I flamered four marines instead of a larger squad because I was excited to see the dreadnought's blood talons at work. The fist sergeant survived, ran away which I could keep up and then went on to punch the predator. He didn't destroy it but kept stunning it so I could even move the thing. The second game I managed to kill a load of gaunts just to watch it become reckage by Zoanthropes. Ultimatly I really like it but I need a few more games to get used to using it correctly to cause the most damage.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Game 2

(Sorry this took so long to post there was quite a bit to remember in this game.)

My next game was against a Word Bearers army, which was beautifully painted and looked to be a more fun game, as my opponent was another veteran. I took my last list just minus the librarian, he had:

Chaos lord w/mark of tzeentch
Chaos lord w/mark of khorne
10 Possessed marines
10 marines w/las/plas/rhino
10 marines w/2 meltaguns/powerfist/rhino
Possessed Land raider
Predator w/autocannon/heavy bolters

We played objectives (3) pitched battle deployment. I won first turn

I place an objective in my corner and one in the middle of the board in some terrain; he placed his in his corner. I deployed all the squads in their rhinos; the plasmagun squad was to my right, the meltagun squad were in the centre sandwiching the attack bikes in between the baal predators in the middle. The other squad with the flamer was toward the left side. The death company hid behind the rhinos to the right.

Word bearers deployed the las/plas squad on his objective to my far left. Their empty rhino was next in line with the land raider in the centre. The other rhino hid behind the raider and the predator war to my far right. The lords and possessed were in the raider, they had feel no pain as their special ability. Annoyingly enough he stole the initiative.

Before the game began one of the staff came over to watch and said the quote of the day, "I bet the red side will win!" very funny at the time :P.

Word Bearers turn 1
He moved his land raider forward, the rhinos moved over to my left to flank me. The land raider shot a lascannon at 1 attack bike killing it and the predator killed the other. The las/plas team to my left shot and stunned 1 baal.

Blood Angels turn 1
I moved the rhino with my melta forward with the hope I might kill the land raider and then ass cannon the possessed to death. My rhino to the left stalled L while the death company moved behind the right rhino to counter assault the possessed next turn if my plan failed. Guess what... the meltagun missed :( so the baal’s shot their ass cannons to try and kill the land raider but only immobilised it. Why can’t I roll 6s when it matters lol.

WB’s turn 2
The possessed and lords jumped out the land raider (surprise surprise), the land raider then shot the rhino in front of it hoping to explode it so his predator could shoot the death company. It only managed to shake it so the predator instead decided to shoot at the back right and caused it to explode killing 2 marines. 1 of the rhinos in the centre disembarked the word bearers who moved and ran towards the centre objective. The lascannon at the back shot 1 of the predator’s but didn't hurt it. The possessed and lords assault the poor marines and killed 6, one of which was my powerfist sergeant, with the lords alone. I managed to survive the possessed attacks but only killed 2 with mine. I failed my leadership check but got away and ran 11" towards my objective ready to regroup.

BA’s turn 2
I started by trying to bring on the dread but a 3 meant I had to wait. The death company moved forward while the baal predators moved in ready to shoot the possessed. I moved my plasma squad away from the crater that was once their rhino onto my objective as well as the regrouped meltagun squad. The flamer squad’s rhino moved up and the squad disembarked and fired into the chaos marine in the centre with cleansing flame killing 1 and gunned down another 2 with bolters. The rhino in front of the possessed tried to ram the predator and did nothing. The baal’s shot everything into the possessed kill 4 and taking a wound of the Tzeentch lord. The Death company assaulted the possessed managing to kill the Tzeentch lord and Lemartes killed 2 possessed but with their attacks back killed all 3 death company marines and wounded Lemartes. Lemartes took another wound from being fearless.

WB’s turn 3
He didn’t really do much except shoot lots of stuff. First the predator shot the rhino parked in front of it and immobilised it. The land raider shot at the plasma squad who were hiding on the objective and killed one while the lascannon from the chaos marines shoot the baal predator again shaking it. The WB’s on the centre objective shot two meltagun’s into my flamer squad kill two and rapid fire bolters killing another two. I made my leadership check so we went over to the CC. Needless to say Lemartes succumbed to the Khorne lord and possessed but as he was the same initiative and struck back to kill 3 possessed. The lord and lone champion moved ever closer to my marines towards the back.

BA’s turn 3
This turn the dread dropped in right next to the centre objective. I moved the meltagun squad out of cover toward the centre again to try and take out something. The baal’s moved round towards the left to try and kill the marines on his objective. To start the shooting the plasma and melta squad shoot everything into the Khorne lord and champion. As the smoke cleared the lord was left on his own with one wound left. The baal that wasn’t shaken shot it’s heavy bolters managing to kill 2 WB’s and the combined flamers from the death company dread and flamer tactical squad onto the WB’s in the centre killing 2 more. They didn’t run but being down to 4 basic marines and a champion I liked my chances shot my tac squads 5 bolt pistols but didn’t wound anyone and so assaulted them. The squad and fist killed the 4 marines while the champion and marine attacks back killed two of mine.

WB’s turn 4
He didn't have much left to do except move the Khorne lord towards the plasma squad ready to assault. The predator shot at my rhino again exploding it. The lascannon shot the baal again shaking it for another turn. The land raider shot at the dreadnought but did nothing. In combat I killed the last word bearer and the champion rolled ones. The khorne lord assaulted my plasma squad killing 3 but the sergeant avenged his fallen brothers by decapitating the lord with his power sword.

BA’s turn 4
The meltagun squad moved and ran behind the drop pod and terrain so next turn they could try and pop one of his tanks. The baal’s moved closer to the last few WB’s at the back on his objective but were still just out of ass cannon range. The baal opened up with its heavy bolters killing another WB. The dreadnought assaulted the lone champion crushing him. The marine consolidated onto the objective while the dread had to move towards the land raider.

WB’s turn 5
The word bearers at the back shot at the baal again (they really didn’t like this one) but this time failed to hit. The land raider shot its 1 lascannon that could see the death company dread but failed to hit. I forgot that his rhinos had havoc launcher on but all game had either missed of I mad my saves, this turn was no different. The predator moved 6” forward and shot its auto cannon at the plasmagun squad but I made my saves again.

BA’s turn 5
The dread moved out of cover towards the land raider while the meltagun tac squad moved from around the corner. The baals moved up to try and finish off the WB’s in the corner. The managed to kill 3 more WB’s but they held fast. The dread and tac squad fired their meltaguns at the land raider but only destroyed a lascannon. The dread assaulted the raider and managed to destroy its last lascannon and heavy bolter.

He rolled a 1 to end the games with blood angels winning 2 objectives to 1.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Weekend gaming

Haven't posted in a while but this weekend I managed to get a couple of games in. The first was against a young player with necrons who wanted to play 1100 points (everything he had with him) which I didn't mind until one of the other gamers hinted that the kid sometimes cheats and is always over on points. I asked a friend who had a better knowledge on Necrons than me to came over to double check the points and it turns out the kid had 535 points more!!! I wasn't too bother as I just add my librarian to my 1500 point list so I took:

Librarian w/plasma pistol

Tac squad (10) w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher/rhino
Tac squad (10) w/powerfist/flamer/missile launcher/rhino
Tac squad (10) w/power weapon/meltabombs/plasmagun/rhino

Furioso dread w/deathcompany/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Deathcompany (3) w/jump packs

Attack bike w/multi-melta
Attack bike w/multi-melta

Baal pred w/heavy bolter sponsons
Baal pred w/heavy bolter sponsons

He took:
Necron lord
Necron lord w/destroyer body
12 warriors
11 warriors
11 warriors
5 destroyers
Large group of scarbes

The lords had re orbs and other options.

We played Objectives (4) Spearhead deployment, he won first turn and placed an objective in his corner and the other in a building near the center. I place one of my objectives in my deployment area and the other in a tall build to my right but just in my deployment area. The necrons were deployed in a large group with destroyers and lord at the front. The Monolith and scarbs were in reserve. I placed a combat squad with missile launcher on the hill behind one objective and the other combat squad with ML on the building. I then put two rhinos to my left with the full tac squad with plasmagun in one and the other had a flamer and librarian in it. My other rhino was in the center with my meltagun in it and the two baal preds on the right. The attack bikes and death company hid behind them.

Turn 1

Necrons moved everything forward running the warriors into cover and the destroyers and lord flying right down the center. Strangely the other lord on foot just sat at the back on his objective. The destroyers shoot one of my baals and stunned it. The destroyer lord shot my center rhino wrecking it.

On my turn I moved my two rhinos on the left forward and disembarked the plasma squad. The attack bikes moved into the gap between the rhinos so the could get an angle on the destroyers. Everything opened up on the destroyers and lord leaving 1 destroyer and taking only one wound off the lord (darn T6!).

Turn 2

The monolith came down and with sheer luck only scattered a couple of inches to the right. a couple more and it would have landed on my building. With the annoying re orb the 3 destroyers got back up even though two of them died from a multi-melta and krak missile. The monolith used its spinning gun shots (don't know what it was called but it hit everything in 12" with d6 shots. It killed 2 marines from the wrecked rhino but not much else. The destroyers wiped out the last 3 marines and the lord moved around to assault the plasma squad. The warriors just moved up again. In combat the lord killed two marines and got nothing back but I made my leadership.

My turn I moved the attack bikes infront of the monolith, disembarked the librarian and his squad and moved them towards the closest warrior unit on the left side of the board. The death company (which had been ignored... big mistake) jumped over the wrecked rhino ready to assault the warriors in the center of the board. The predators and ML shot the destroyers downing 3 and the attack bikes stunned the monolith taking away some of the threat. The Librarian and squad shot the warriors and downed two before assaulting. I managed to wound another 6 warriors and suffered no casualties back but the past they're leadership check. The death company wiped out the warriors in the center in a single turn! The look on his face was priceless :P again the lord killed another marine and they did nothing back.

Turn 3
The scarbs came on behind my preds and he moved the last warrior squad into rapid fire range of my death company. 2 of the destroyers got back up and 4 warriors in the assault got back up. The warriors shot everything they could at the death company only killing one. The destroyers shot the ML squad on the hill and killed one and the monolith try to do some special shot which can be done even if stunned but did nothing. The lord killed another two marines but again the brave men held in. The librarian's squad down another five warriors and suffered no wounds.

I started the turn moving the predators round to unleash their fury on the scarbs. The attack bikes shot the monolith again with the kid muttering something about it being hopeless to destroy, I rolled a six to glance and then another six! minus two for glance plus one for AP1 and I got a wrecked result :D the death company moved in to his last warrior unit while the baal shot and killed quit a few scarbs. The ML combat squads combined fire to kill the destroyers, his turn he had moved them out of the 6" re-gen orb range so the missile killed two out right and the combined fire of 7 bolters killed the last one. The death company assaulted and again won combat easily and killed the last survivors in a sweeping advance. The librarian killed another 3 warriors and before we went on I realised I'd killed over 75% of his army meaning he lost through phase out.

Good game but could have been better if my opponent read his codex more and when I forget to bring my dread on he flat out said no way was I allowed to bring him on even if all I did was move my death company. Game two on the way.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Weekend doubles tournement

Had some great fun at the weekend playing in a mini doubles tournement at my local GW store. I wanted to get some games in with my new 1500 point list but this was the main event of the day. The games were 1000 points with each team mate bring 500 points, each player taking one troops choice and the who army sharing a HQ. My fellow team mate took Catachan guard which using very much in-your-face tactics in mind. So I went mainly assaulty taking:

5 man tactical squad w/power weapon/flamer/rhino
5 death company w/jump packs
furioso dreadnought w/death company/heavy flamer/drop pod

His guard:
Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken w/5 man command squad
Harker w/9 guardsmen/2 flamers

We had great fun in all our games and long story short we won one game and lost two.

First game was against Space wolves which we had a laugh as we stole first turn and moved up and killed alot of wolves with only one casualty taken. What lost use the game was the wolves had an hammer unit of Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard in a drop pod which took a ponding. It didn't help my DC tried deep striking and scattered in were lost in the warp :( .

Game two we played Nids and eldar. This game feature the highlight of the tournement when I rammed my rhino into a Mawloc trying to get it to fail it leadership and push it off the edge of the board. Instead it took Death or Glory and failed! Road Kill!!! We all laughed at it was suggested the Mawloc get track treds painted on its head. We tabled them and won the game.

Game three we played Edlar/Space marines with mass templates- two vindicators and two fire prisms. We found it difficult to come to grips with this army and lost but at least we all had fun and the dread took a round of firing from nearly the whole army. Smoke Launchers to the rescue!

Great day but hopefully next week if there isn't too much fantasy going on I'll get a proper game in.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Librarian Ezio

If the rumours are true librarians in the new codex might just become a viable HQ option. I still like to use one now as I quite like them but I now almost every other blood angels player prefers chaplain, corbulo and/or danta. I'm hoping they make a come back as I love the idea of marines running around making people's heads melt and shooting fire from their hands.

I'll be righting fluff for my librarian soon and will add on to it after every game as I want him to be a key character in my army.

Hope you like the picture and should have more stuff done soon!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Nids!!! Fighting fire with fire!

It is time for another FtW collaborative post and the topic... Bugs!!!

I've only played a quick 2 turn game(I only had 30 minutes)against them and they are quite nasty. The tunneling S6 AP2 blast template made short work of my death company and the sheer volume of smaller bugs is staggering. But in that short game I've come up with some ideas. The scariest threat was the big Nids so I say fight fire with fire in two death company furioso dreads in drop pods. My new list looks like this:

Librarian w/plasma pistol

Tactical squad (10)w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher/rhino
Tactical squad (10)w/powerfist/flamer/missile launcher/rhino

Furioso dreadnought w/death company/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Furioso dreadnought w/death company/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Death company (3)w/jump packs

Baal predator w/heavy bolter
Baal predator w/heavy bolter

The mind set behind this is that the librarian forms a gun line with the tactical squads using his hood to try and stop the Nid psychic powers from reducing my Baals to wreckage. He also is quite affective at counter attacking, in the small game he almost single handedly (a couple of assault marines may have helped) reduce 18 gargoles to 1 in a turns combat! The baals are just a great laugh spraying mass amounts of shots into the horde but might need to start considering vindicators. Now the dreads will be something new and I'm hoping they with start beating down the bigger Nids to allow other units to concentrate fire into the hordes.

Hopefully I'll have a battle report to post on Saturday when I get to play this list.