Monday, 25 January 2010

Nids!!! Fighting fire with fire!

It is time for another FtW collaborative post and the topic... Bugs!!!

I've only played a quick 2 turn game(I only had 30 minutes)against them and they are quite nasty. The tunneling S6 AP2 blast template made short work of my death company and the sheer volume of smaller bugs is staggering. But in that short game I've come up with some ideas. The scariest threat was the big Nids so I say fight fire with fire in two death company furioso dreads in drop pods. My new list looks like this:

Librarian w/plasma pistol

Tactical squad (10)w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher/rhino
Tactical squad (10)w/powerfist/flamer/missile launcher/rhino

Furioso dreadnought w/death company/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Furioso dreadnought w/death company/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Death company (3)w/jump packs

Baal predator w/heavy bolter
Baal predator w/heavy bolter

The mind set behind this is that the librarian forms a gun line with the tactical squads using his hood to try and stop the Nid psychic powers from reducing my Baals to wreckage. He also is quite affective at counter attacking, in the small game he almost single handedly (a couple of assault marines may have helped) reduce 18 gargoles to 1 in a turns combat! The baals are just a great laugh spraying mass amounts of shots into the horde but might need to start considering vindicators. Now the dreads will be something new and I'm hoping they with start beating down the bigger Nids to allow other units to concentrate fire into the hordes.

Hopefully I'll have a battle report to post on Saturday when I get to play this list.


  1. I haven't played a game in close to ten years, so this is all supposition, but is the DC upgrade on the Dreads a real necessity? If you don't have your Chaplain close then are they going to get ranged by the bugs? Personally, I'd take the Venerable and Extra Armor upgrades on the Furiosos, with Heavy Flamer. Plus on that note, I'd drop the extra DC w/ Jump Pack. (With that you can upgrade to an Attack Bike with MM, and have your Tac Squad armed with a Plasma Gun instead of a Meltagun) From what I've read, weight of fire and high strength low AP weapons will be king over the Nids vs. more bodies... again this is all just my ramblings and regurgitation that I've read over the last year on the forums and around the interwebz.

  2. First off cheers for the comment and they are good points but I personally don't like plasmaguns to much as they always blow up and I can't shoot and assault. I also want to keep the melta because I want this to still be an all comers list so it needs anti-tank punch. I've been wanting to play this list for a few months and with the release of the new Nids dex I want to be able to have something which packs more of a punch. Making it DC does mean they have to move 6" towards the closest unit unless there is a chaplain nearby but dreads can take on almost anything. I'm thinking about shaving off some points here and there to try and add an attack bike. I'll be testing this list out on Saturday and will see how it does against any army.