Monday, 1 February 2010

Weekend doubles tournement

Had some great fun at the weekend playing in a mini doubles tournement at my local GW store. I wanted to get some games in with my new 1500 point list but this was the main event of the day. The games were 1000 points with each team mate bring 500 points, each player taking one troops choice and the who army sharing a HQ. My fellow team mate took Catachan guard which using very much in-your-face tactics in mind. So I went mainly assaulty taking:

5 man tactical squad w/power weapon/flamer/rhino
5 death company w/jump packs
furioso dreadnought w/death company/heavy flamer/drop pod

His guard:
Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken w/5 man command squad
Harker w/9 guardsmen/2 flamers

We had great fun in all our games and long story short we won one game and lost two.

First game was against Space wolves which we had a laugh as we stole first turn and moved up and killed alot of wolves with only one casualty taken. What lost use the game was the wolves had an hammer unit of Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard in a drop pod which took a ponding. It didn't help my DC tried deep striking and scattered in were lost in the warp :( .

Game two we played Nids and eldar. This game feature the highlight of the tournement when I rammed my rhino into a Mawloc trying to get it to fail it leadership and push it off the edge of the board. Instead it took Death or Glory and failed! Road Kill!!! We all laughed at it was suggested the Mawloc get track treds painted on its head. We tabled them and won the game.

Game three we played Edlar/Space marines with mass templates- two vindicators and two fire prisms. We found it difficult to come to grips with this army and lost but at least we all had fun and the dread took a round of firing from nearly the whole army. Smoke Launchers to the rescue!

Great day but hopefully next week if there isn't too much fantasy going on I'll get a proper game in.

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