Monday, 1 March 2010

Weekend gaming

Haven't posted in a while but this weekend I managed to get a couple of games in. The first was against a young player with necrons who wanted to play 1100 points (everything he had with him) which I didn't mind until one of the other gamers hinted that the kid sometimes cheats and is always over on points. I asked a friend who had a better knowledge on Necrons than me to came over to double check the points and it turns out the kid had 535 points more!!! I wasn't too bother as I just add my librarian to my 1500 point list so I took:

Librarian w/plasma pistol

Tac squad (10) w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher/rhino
Tac squad (10) w/powerfist/flamer/missile launcher/rhino
Tac squad (10) w/power weapon/meltabombs/plasmagun/rhino

Furioso dread w/deathcompany/venerable/heavy flamer/drop pod
Deathcompany (3) w/jump packs

Attack bike w/multi-melta
Attack bike w/multi-melta

Baal pred w/heavy bolter sponsons
Baal pred w/heavy bolter sponsons

He took:
Necron lord
Necron lord w/destroyer body
12 warriors
11 warriors
11 warriors
5 destroyers
Large group of scarbes

The lords had re orbs and other options.

We played Objectives (4) Spearhead deployment, he won first turn and placed an objective in his corner and the other in a building near the center. I place one of my objectives in my deployment area and the other in a tall build to my right but just in my deployment area. The necrons were deployed in a large group with destroyers and lord at the front. The Monolith and scarbs were in reserve. I placed a combat squad with missile launcher on the hill behind one objective and the other combat squad with ML on the building. I then put two rhinos to my left with the full tac squad with plasmagun in one and the other had a flamer and librarian in it. My other rhino was in the center with my meltagun in it and the two baal preds on the right. The attack bikes and death company hid behind them.

Turn 1

Necrons moved everything forward running the warriors into cover and the destroyers and lord flying right down the center. Strangely the other lord on foot just sat at the back on his objective. The destroyers shoot one of my baals and stunned it. The destroyer lord shot my center rhino wrecking it.

On my turn I moved my two rhinos on the left forward and disembarked the plasma squad. The attack bikes moved into the gap between the rhinos so the could get an angle on the destroyers. Everything opened up on the destroyers and lord leaving 1 destroyer and taking only one wound off the lord (darn T6!).

Turn 2

The monolith came down and with sheer luck only scattered a couple of inches to the right. a couple more and it would have landed on my building. With the annoying re orb the 3 destroyers got back up even though two of them died from a multi-melta and krak missile. The monolith used its spinning gun shots (don't know what it was called but it hit everything in 12" with d6 shots. It killed 2 marines from the wrecked rhino but not much else. The destroyers wiped out the last 3 marines and the lord moved around to assault the plasma squad. The warriors just moved up again. In combat the lord killed two marines and got nothing back but I made my leadership.

My turn I moved the attack bikes infront of the monolith, disembarked the librarian and his squad and moved them towards the closest warrior unit on the left side of the board. The death company (which had been ignored... big mistake) jumped over the wrecked rhino ready to assault the warriors in the center of the board. The predators and ML shot the destroyers downing 3 and the attack bikes stunned the monolith taking away some of the threat. The Librarian and squad shot the warriors and downed two before assaulting. I managed to wound another 6 warriors and suffered no casualties back but the past they're leadership check. The death company wiped out the warriors in the center in a single turn! The look on his face was priceless :P again the lord killed another marine and they did nothing back.

Turn 3
The scarbs came on behind my preds and he moved the last warrior squad into rapid fire range of my death company. 2 of the destroyers got back up and 4 warriors in the assault got back up. The warriors shot everything they could at the death company only killing one. The destroyers shot the ML squad on the hill and killed one and the monolith try to do some special shot which can be done even if stunned but did nothing. The lord killed another two marines but again the brave men held in. The librarian's squad down another five warriors and suffered no wounds.

I started the turn moving the predators round to unleash their fury on the scarbs. The attack bikes shot the monolith again with the kid muttering something about it being hopeless to destroy, I rolled a six to glance and then another six! minus two for glance plus one for AP1 and I got a wrecked result :D the death company moved in to his last warrior unit while the baal shot and killed quit a few scarbs. The ML combat squads combined fire to kill the destroyers, his turn he had moved them out of the 6" re-gen orb range so the missile killed two out right and the combined fire of 7 bolters killed the last one. The death company assaulted and again won combat easily and killed the last survivors in a sweeping advance. The librarian killed another 3 warriors and before we went on I realised I'd killed over 75% of his army meaning he lost through phase out.

Good game but could have been better if my opponent read his codex more and when I forget to bring my dread on he flat out said no way was I allowed to bring him on even if all I did was move my death company. Game two on the way.

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