Monday, 10 May 2010

The new Baal predator

With the new codex out I had to try some new toys. I already own two baals with ass cannon/heavy bolters so wanted to use the flamer loadout. I've played it in a couple of games now and it works well if used right, sadly I didn't First game I flamered four marines instead of a larger squad because I was excited to see the dreadnought's blood talons at work. The fist sergeant survived, ran away which I could keep up and then went on to punch the predator. He didn't destroy it but kept stunning it so I could even move the thing. The second game I managed to kill a load of gaunts just to watch it become reckage by Zoanthropes. Ultimatly I really like it but I need a few more games to get used to using it correctly to cause the most damage.

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