Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'm back!

Been away for some time but it is time for the angels to rise again. To start off I'm re-writing my list and making sure it is all painted (pictures to come). Here is my list:

Lemartes 125

Death Company (4) w/jump packs 80

Tactical squad (10) w/powerfist/meltagun/missile launcher 240
Rhino 40

Tactical squad (10) w/power weapon/flamer/missile launcher 225
Rhino 40

Baal predator w/heavy bolters 125
Baal predator w/heavy bolters 125

1000 points

The idea behind this army is speed and fire power, the baal predators lay down heavy fire while the rhinos provided a shield wall for the death company. The tactical squads get within 12" of their target and shoot it to peaces as well as provided a counter charge element. Time to test this list out.

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