Sunday, 26 April 2009

Where to begin...

Hi I'm Callum, I've played 40k for about 4 years and started with the Blood Angels. I've been out for about a year and a half with other armies and slowly bring myself back to them. So to start off with is my 15oo point army list:

Dante 200

Corbulo 100

Assault squad (5) w/powerfist/rhino w/extra armour 180

Assault squad (5) w/power weapon/melta bombs/rhino 160

Tactical squad (10) w/flamer/plasmacannon/power weapon 240
Rhino w/storm bolter 45

Death Company (4) 30
Rhino w/extra armour 55

Baal predator w/heavy bolters/storm bolter 135

Predator w/twin-linked lascannon/heavy bolters 130

Vindicator 125

Attack bikes w/multimelta 50

Attack bikes w/multimelta 50

1500 points

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